cheap jerseys The regular season twelfth weeks will be the last game, San Francisco 49 person team away game challenge Washington redskins. Guangdong sports channel, European football channel, a new visual Channel HD, PPTV, sina sports and music will be the focus of the war we offer, please watch! The 49 quarterback Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) and the Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) in the League last season to sweep a supernova storm, but the two quarterback this season did not like last season, like spring breeze complacent, two people were questioned, now the two teams have had 2 successive defeats, this week, their common goal is to avoid the 3 game losing streak. Capet Nick and Griffin are bringing his throne on the division title in the last year, two people playing style is very similar, redefines the all-around athlete, like to play option offensive tactics, and to maximize their advantages, but the 2013 season changed. 6 wins 4 of the negative 49 people still called to return to the super bowl, but they lag behind the League of nations champion, is also the National League West champion Seattle Seahawks on 3.5 wins, now 49 people need in Houcheng hair force, and try to get a wild card, and Capet Nick only 11 touchdowns, pass completion rate was only 56.2% of the poor, the league's second worst. Capet Nick said: "our situation this season some accidents, but we still have 6 games to win, we record will still be the 12 wins 4 of the negative." cheap jerseys usa 3 wins 7 of the negative red is the NL East vice monitor, Griffin pass completion rate of 59.7%, with 14 touchdowns and 10 times by the interception. And the two quarterback quarterback scores were almost the same, Griffin 83.6, Capet Nick 81.8. Two people are famous for sports talented, Griffin of the season for 345 yards is the third quarterback in, and Capet Nick rushed the ball 335 yards, but he had 3 touchdowns. Griffin in the last season after a knee operation, this season is not over the ball up to the front. cheap jerseys paypal Capet Nick's weakness in 20-23 last week against the New Orleans saints game shows without a doubt, the game he had only 127 yards passing, and he organized attack, the red ball only 81 yards, 195 yards of total propulsion code number. Poor extensibility 49 offensive, especially the long, in the league's third worst position. But these can external took over Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) return to ease, Clubb Terry of the Achilles tendon has been restored. 49 coach Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh): "I think he should go back to the stadium." cheap jerseys from china Griffin's leadership was questioned again in 16-24 last week against the Philadelphia Eagles, before the three day the red race was the eagles played 24-0, although the fourth Festival Red continuous touchdown, but he in the end before being intercepted completely ruined the game. Facing the charges, Griffin made look like for myself off of speech, but later on Wednesday took all the responsibility on yourself. Griffin said: "I think I constantly progress must be, keep moving forward, to maintain a high degree of vigilance. I just wanted to compliment the excellent defense group, but was interpreted as I point to their coach, I would never do that." Red in the coach Mike - Shanahan (Mike Shanahan) during his four years at third degrees, become the divisional vice monitor, Shanahan said: "the future is bright, we now lack of depth, we must defense at both ends to reinforcement, and played more and more." 49 people pass more and more easy to defend, because Capet Nick touchdown only to Ankan - bordin (Anquan Boldin) and Vernon Davies (Vernon Davis). Davies grew up in Washington will be second times to FedEx field, Davies in the last four games only 2 touchdowns, while in the first five games after they had 6. Washington's passing offense needs to improve, Griffin in the last week before the game in the three quarter of 14 passes completed 7 times, only 57 yards, while the fourth section to find the feeling, though already dug a 24 points behind the pit. cheap jerseys nfl Although the two quarterback is not stable, but the ground attack behind them are very powerful, red ground attack averaging 155.2 yards ranked first in the league, but 49 people of 141 yards ranked fifth in the league. Redskins running back Alfred - Maurice (Alfred Morris) is 82 yards will be the second consecutive season punches the ball more than 1000 yards. In November 6, 2011, the last time the two teams battle, 49 people ran Wei Frank Gore (Frank Gore) rushed the ball 107 yards, helping 49 people in a 19-11 win over the redskins.